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31 Days in the Rainforest

Well is has been some time since our last post but better late than never!  This past year has been an incredible one for our company and we couldn’t be more proud of the work we have produced.  In August of 2015 we headed down to Panama for 31 days to shoot and produce a series of 4k shorts for the all new Smithsonian Earth TV Platform.  It is a nature only subscription service that focuses on providing premium content for nature lovers throughout the USA.  You can start your free trial here: 

The series was titled Secrets of the Rainforest and included a diversity of subjects from nature only shorts like the March of the Leafcutters to science based films like Capuchin Dinner Debate.  It was one of the most challenging shoots we have ever embarked on due to the intense heat and humidity, small crew, and long hours, but we could not be more proud of the final products.

Below are some pics from the trip to give you a glimpse into the rainforest.


A young Capuchin monkey searches for ants on a leaf during the heat of the day.


A mother long billed hermit thrush and her nest on the end of a palm leaf.


A female Glass Frog hydrating her clutch on the edge of a stream in the middle of the night.


An endangered horn frog at the El Valle Amphibian conservation center sits in a glass case…one of the last of its kind on earth.


A young howler monkey grazes on stems and leaves between naps.


DP / Producer Ben Hamilton filming from the Canopy Crane above Panama City.


Ben and Katina filming from the Canopy Crane.  (Little breezy up there…)

The Narrows – Texas Land Conservancy

In May I had the incredible opportunity to film again for the Texas Land Conservancy.  Check out the first video I did for them here:  Protecting the Nature of Texas

This year we decided to do a one minute point of view film that would highlight some of the best areas that TLC has conserved.  The Narrows was one of the top places I had the privilege to visit and below are some photos that show off its beauty.  Photos by Nicole Mlakar and Will Mederski (and myself).

Video will be released in the next few weeks so stay tuned!


Prepping the shoot

Gearing up for the Hike in

Photo by Nicole Mlakar

Looking as ridiculous as possible (camo hip-pack, Gopro headmount…)


Photo by Nicole Mlakar

Reflections in the blue pools

Pristine Pool

Ferns in the Canyon

Nice shot eh?

I liked the shot, how about you?

Photo by Nicole Mlakar

The First Jump!

Photo by Nicole Mlakar



The Narrows - Filming


The Crew!

The Crew

***For those who are curious, this is a private property and is not open to the public.  These land owners are working to preserve their land through easements to help ensure that the Hill Country and other areas in Texas remain wild and healthy.