Urban Jungle

Role: Director of Photography / Production Coordinator

Channel: National Geographic

Production Company: NGT

Black bears sleeping in our basements, baboons breaking into our kitchens, coyotes snatching our pets out of our backyards, wild animals are moving into our space. As humans continue to build and expand cities and suburbs around the world, animals are losing their homes and inching their way into ours. Join Nat Geo on a different kind of adventure, into our cities, our suburbs and the outskirts of our towns, to witness which creatures are lurking in the shadows and which ones aren’t afraid to stand out in the streets. Join us as we take a journey into our Urban Jungle. Guided by big cat tracker Boone Smith, Urban Jungle takes a closer look into cities across the planet including Moscow, New York and Mumbai, which humans consider their own, but have become overrun with wildlife.