Mysteries of the Rainforest

Role: Director of Photography – Ben Hamilton

DIT – Katina Hamilton


Network: Smithsonian Channel

Pioneer Studios spent 31 days filming in the rainforest of Panama to capture both research and wildlife stories unknown to the general public. All the material was shot in 4k UHD and subjects ranged from Monkeys and frogs to ants and birds.  We then returned to Panama for two weeks to shoot additional material to create the content for a one hour combination show that included our shorts and the new material.  That show was produced and edited by JWM Productions.


The island of Barro Colorado in the Panama Canal is full of mysteries, some involving the wide diversity of wildlife, and some involving the island itself. Every year, hundreds of scientists and students come here to uncover the rainforest’s secrets, but this year is very different. The island is running dry and no one knows why. Follow several research teams as they observe, experiment, and conduct research in this pristine habitat, and most pressing of all, try to find out what happened to the rain and when it will come again.


Equipment: Arri Amira, Canon 7d, Canon XC10, Dactylcam Cable Cam System


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