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Light Chasing – Sitka Sunset

Last night I was sitting near the shore watching the sunset (very disappointed that I left my camera at the office…).  I took this photo with my phone.

As I got up to walk to my bike I realized I might be able to capture a bit of the sunset if I got to my camera in time! After sprinting home on my bike to grab my tripod and swinging by the office, I peddled like a madman up to the top of the bridge and grabbed these. Well worth the ride!

The bay looked like it was on fire! Being from Texas it takes a pretty good sunset to impress me but I am not sure I have ever seen colors in the sky like I did last night!

Salmon Lake

At ten O’clock on July 6th we loaded up Scott Harris’ boat and headed south of town to spend one night at the Forest Service cabin on Salmon Lake. Justin and Tracy, who are both SCS employees, and I had put together the trip and after a twenty minute boat ride we were on shore and ready to go. The tide was just starting to go out as Scott pulled away from the bay and I was able to grab a photo of some starfish in the shallows!

After the photo session we headed out on the trail and after a two mile hike we arrived at the wonderful cabin! Our main goal for the trip was to visit a strand of large trees to the south of the cabin and I was able to set up a nice panorama to capture the scale of the forest here.

Videolog Salmon Lake from Pioneer Videography on Vimeo.

Once it was really dark out (as dark is it gets that is)…I decided to try some light painting. This was my attempt at my PIONEER logo.

Early the next morning we took out the boats onto the lake and had a blast paddling around.

Pack Raft from Pioneer Videography on Vimeo.

EAGLES – July 5

Today I went down to the docks and photographed eagles for a bit. They gather in the dozens when the boats come in which made it an exciting shoot. While on the dock I met a fellow photographer Dick Walker (website). It was an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon! Here are some of my favorites!

Two eagles where conversing on a nearby pole. DON’T LOOK AT ME WHEN I AM TALKING TO YOU!!!!


Later an eagle swooped into steal a bit of fish from the crew waiting near a boat!

A Wet Farewell to the Wild – June 26

Today was our last day in the wild and we met up with SCS researcher Lauren Oates in Slocum Arm in the southern region of the West Chichagof-Yakobi Wilderness.  It was their first day out in the wild and we joined them for a kayak training/safety course led by Scott Harris.  I was really excited to do some underwater photography and test out Adam’s underwater housing with my camera.  I geared up in a dry suite, layered with fleece and wool socks and jumped in ready to go!

The class was a blast and Scott showed the new team members how to get back into the boat if they flipped.

While the team was on break I wandered around the inlet and was shocked to find this!

Sunstar – June 26 from Pioneer Videography on Vimeo.

Over all it was a great day and I realized that underwater filming could be a future hobby (IF DRY AND WARM)!

Videolog – June 26 from Pioneer Videography on Vimeo.