Capturing America's Salmon Forest

Ben Hamilton
August 15, 2023

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Underwater shot of a male chum salmon and schools of pink salmon push up stream to spawn in early August.
Fly fishing guide Tad Kisaka holding a bright silver salmon caught at the river mouth in early August.
Hydrologist KK Prussian surveys the health of a stream restoration project working to repair habitat lost from industrial old growth logging.
Troll salmon fisherman Carl Jordan on his boat the Samara at harbor in Sitka, Alaska.
Ben Hamilton filming brown bears at Pack Creek on Admiratly Island.
A small brown bear cub stays close to her mother as they navigate an estuary on Admiralty Island in the Tongass National Forest filled with bears and salmon.
 Tongass Fisheries Program Manager Sheila Jacobson conducts a fish count on Prince of Whales Island.
Ben Hamilton Filming Salmon Spawning in the Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska.
Ben Hamilton films chinook salmon spawning underwater in the Tongass National Forest on Baranof Island in southeast Alaska.


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