conservation Impact VIDEO PRODUCTION Studio based IN Denver, Colorado

About Us


Established – December 2007

Who are we ?
Pioneer Studios is an award winning Denver based production company that works to support non-profits, public lands, television studios, and scientific institutions in their efforts to communicate critical conservation messages to audiences around the world. We’re a small family of creatives that bring big production value to every project. No video is too big, or too small for us to tackle, and we work from concept through distribution to ensure that your video achieves impact!
Why Us ?
  1. WE LISTEN – We take the time to understand your goals, needs, audience and challenges so we can make a video that reaches audiences and delivers results.
  2. DETAILS  – From logistical planning, budgets, shot lists, invoicing, permits and more – we make sure all the details are ironed out so nothing gets in the way of the creative throughout the process.  
  3. WE’RE NIMBLE – Small teams allow us to move quickly in the field, adapt to variables throughout production, deliver faster, and most importantly stay on budget.
  4. WE CARE – Everyone at Pioneer cares deeply about the health of wild animals, wild landscapes and people around the planet.  We ensure all field teams are Leave No Trace certified, and focus on minimal impact productions so our work can be net positive on planet earth.  
  5. GOOD VIBES – Long shoots can be grueling both physically and emotionally, but we take hardships with a smile, focus on positive attitudes and know that when we connect in a real way with characters, we make better movies and lasting friendships.
  6. GROWTH – For some growth means bigger, but here are Pioneer, our goal is to always get better.  We pour ourselves into every project, pushing the boundries of our storytelling and impact strategies, ensuring we live up to the Pioneer name.  


We are a small group of dedicated creatives who work tirelessly to reach your goals and make every film better than the last!

BEN Hamilton
BEN Hamilton

Owner / Producer / DP

Arthur Hurley
Arthur Hurley


Katina Hamilton
Katina Hamilton

Coordinating Producer