This past weekend Scott Harris and I journey out to an area called Redoubt and I was able to capture some nice photos.  That morning was the first fall snow on the peaks around Sitka and it was really beautiful.  The temperature dropped a bit but once we got hiking around we were fine.

Although it was raining early on, the sun came out and rewarded us with a DOUBLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE SKY!!!!!!!

I have not taken many forest shots this summer so I spent some time while we were hiking trying to get a shot of the rain coming through the trees.  It rains over 100 inches in some areas of the Tongass National Forest and it is one of the things that makes this place so fresh and filled with life.

Though filled with life, at this time of year it is a place filled with death…salmon.   After swimming thousands of miles and spawning up stream the salmon begin to decay and die.  This process provides the forest with vital nutrients and also feeds almost everything that lives here.  Although they are key, they do look like zombies and can be quite frightening 🙂


It has been an incredible season in Alaska and this will likely be one of my last posts from the Northern Field – until my next trip.  Hope everyone has enjoyed these photos (videos to be uploaded soon) and I will see you all in TEXAS next week.