[heading]Now Open Call for Entries

Deadline: April 1, 2014[/heading]

Since it’s founding, Pioneer has been dedicated to producing stories that matter to our planet.

Throughout the year we work on everything from commercials to tv shows but we are commented to producing at least one long format documentary a year that supports the work of a person, or organization fighting to better our planet.

With the New Year under way we need your help finding the stories that matter most to our planet. From now until April 1, 2014 we will be collecting stories from around the globe and will be selecting one to help fund and make into a documentary.

Below are the details about the project so if you know a person or organization doing great things to help our world be a better place, let us know so we can help share their story.

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Please describe the story in a short description.  Who is involved, how is he/she helping to better the planet? When did they start?

Where does this story take place?  Is it regional, national, city based?

How are you connected to the story?

Please paste any links to websites, news articles, or contacts that might give us more details about the story.