Bears…Bears…and more Bears

Most people think of Alaska when they think of the Great Brown Bear, but after this last trip I think of one place – GOULDING HARBOR.

Being one of the most beautiful harbors in West Chichagof, we made sure to stop there on our week long trip.  Chuck and Alice had seen many a bear during there 15 years of trips to the area but even so we were all amazing at the amount we saw during our 1 day stay.  The day began with a jolting wakeup call from my wonderful nap as Andrew said “Bear and two cubs…get your camera and jump in the Kayak!”.  Still in a daze I put on my rain gear and jumped into my kayak and paddled with my telephoto lens in my lap over to a bend where I could sneak up to the bears.  Unfortunately they had run into the woods before I turned the corner but soon they were back and I was photographing away!

As I continued taking shots, the wind picked up and began blowing me towards the shore they the bears were grazing near.  As you can guess, when you are taking photos you can not paddle a kayak so I soon looked up to realized that I was way too close!  As I threw my camera into my lap and paddled backward the bears glanced up but just continued to eat.

As exciting as it was, it soon seemed the bears could care less that we were there.  Before we moved on I grabbed one more photo of the cub that makes the wild beast seem quite tame and cute.

After this little kayak adventure, Andrew and I headed to the end of the harbor to see if there were any bears in the estuary.  Of course as were turned the corner we nearly walked up on this bear!

With such a spectacular view of the bear we began to sneak our way along the edge of the forest to get a better/safer view.  As we came to the edge of the trees we spotted three more bears in the same estuary!  I could not believe it and it was truly a blast to see these magnificent mammals in true wilderness.

I hope everyone enjoys these! It really pays to get out to the wild and see this stuff.