Sailing Away

This is the last of my blog posts for about a week.  We head out tomorrow for the West Chichagof-Yakobi Wilderness on a three week sailboat trip.  We have been packing for the past few days and the amount of food we are bringing seems crazy!


We will be traveling to Yakobi island for the first week and then begin our slow trip south back to Sitka.  During that time the research team I am with will be conducting invasive specie surveys, solitude monitoring, bat and cave surveys, and much more!  If you don’t know where the Tongass National Forest is please see the map below.

I will be sending back USB keys with post next week so look for posts then! I will have videos and photos galore so get excited.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week.  If you would like to learn a bit more about West Chichagof and its history please watch Echoes of the Tongass.

Echoes of the Tongass from Pioneer Videography on Vimeo.