Mt. Baker Hike – June 16

Today we set out on our first true alpine adventure of the trip.  Our goal was to locate Karst atop Mt. Baker and hopefully find some caves to survey.  Expert caver Kevin Allred joined our team yesterday and is a true mountain man.  Even though he is by far the oldest member of our team he led the expedition to the alpine and then broke away to search for formations near the summit (he is the tiny black dot in the snow…)

I lugged my tripod and glidecam up to the top but it was worth it as I spent two or three hours filming and running around the open landscape.  As a photographer it is often the case that you can’t get good photos of yourself so I decided to ask our boat captain Ken to snap a quick shot of me with my camera while we were in such a beautiful place.


Mt. Baker Hike – June 16 Video Log from Pioneer Videography on Vimeo.

On the way down I was able to grab a couple of bay and coastline shots and this one was one of my favorites! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the posts, more to come!