Karst! – June 19

Day 2 of backpacking trip marked the start of our journey to find Karst.  Kevin, Tom, Adam and I journey from camp to a nearby muskeg where possible caves could be found.

Amazingly, by following a stream from the acidic muskeg, we found our first cave of the trip.  Roughly 50” in length the cave showed positive signs of what was to come and as is with any discovery, we had the opportunity to name the cave!  Adam stepped up and named the cave Calvin Cave after Jack Calvin who fought to preserve the wilderness and founded the Sitka Conservation Society in the 60s.

Kevin and Tom spent an hour or two mapping and surveying Cavlin Cave.  Above ground Adam was searching for more Karst topography and stumbled on a large sinkhole which he decided to repel into!

After a thorough search of the area we moved onward but found little the rest of the day.


June 19 Video Log from Pioneer Videography on Vimeo.