Black River Hike – Day 1

Black River Hike Day 1 – June 18 Video Log from Pioneer Videography on Vimeo.

After a day of rest we set out on a 4 day expedition up the Black River in search of more Karst.  The area we are in has an interesting marble strip that runs for miles and creates some extremely interesting formations.  Tom began the day like most days with a set of Yoga but by 9 we were on our way.

The hike through the forest was extremely slow and often brutal.  Our campsite was only 4 miles away and we were only gaining 100 ft in elevation but out here there are only bear and deer trails and they can be exhausting.  As we were pushing through devils club and alder limbs Kevin noticed an amazing nursery log.  We stopped to enjoy its beauty.  The soil here is often only a few inches thick so when giant tree falls, it creates the support structure and nutrients for other trees in the forest.

The day was long and at our less than mile per hour pace we struggled to reach our campsite.  The last two obstacles in our way were 1000000000ssss of misquotes and the frigid river crossings!

I make it sound bad but it was a good day.  Can be exhausting battling the Alaskan wild though!